Pretty good too!

It has to be Buckethead playing though! (The killswitch is what gave it away!)

Does this mean that *gasp* chinese democracy is actually coming out!!???
I really don't like Slash. Buckethead is pretty good. Bumblefoot is great.
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**** Slash, Slash is a mother ****ing peice of shit and i hate him.

what a bore, and over rated might i add.
I am Cool Thanks for listening.
Bumblefoot is great. I love the song "guitars suck".

Slash is a good guitarist, just because he can't shred or what not does not define his skill. I find him very melodic to say the least.

But, he is overrated. There are much better guitarists out there (like Clapton!)
Quote by metal_til_im_60
What song did you hear? And no, Chinese Democracy won't be coming out any time soon.

I'm not sure. The radio guy was just "this is the great new guns n roses song" then he played it.

I was thinking that it was bumblefoot, because he IS the new gn'r's guitarist, but then I heard some major killswitch use toward the end...

And the "(like Clapton!)" thing was a joke. I love clapton and slash as musicians, but they are both overrated.

Personally, I think that some of these bedroom shredders are better! If only they'd play their own music!
I gave up hope waiting for Chinese Democracy.Sometimes i think it's just a myth.
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eric clapton isn't an overrated muscian.. you're an idiot.

honestly, the problem wit this forum isn't that they overrated guitarists, its that they're too narrow-minded when it comes to music.

they think that only eric clapton, guns n' roses, ac/dc, led zeppelin and every cliche classic rock band are the only forms of talent when it comes to music. they refuse to recognize any other genre, and on top of that they have such a small taste and knowledge of other guitarists...

eric clapton isn't overrated, hes just constantly talked about over other guitarists here specifically.