I'm selling three things together that work great with each other and is plenty loud.

1. Peavey Fury 6QT(Quilt Top) Transparent Green Bass. This bass is a 6-string with active pick-ups. There are normal scratches from playing, but I took it into a guitar center and they said it was in spectacular condition. It looks amazing and works perfect too.

I also have a hardshell case that I'll throw in with the bass that is made for it. It's not some universal one, it's made for the Peavey Fury 6QT.

2. Behringer 450 watt Amp head. This gives great tone, especially for it's price. This is also in almost new condition, and everything works on it. It also comes with a foot-pedal and obviously the original manuals.

3. 4x10 Custom built bass cab that works wonders with the Behringer Amp head. The speakers are each 10" which is standard for a bass cab. There's 4 of them and each has their own protective grill. There is only one problem with this, and it's the handle on the side cracked a little. I put tape over that just so the crack doesn't grow. It doesn't effect the tone of the cab at all.

Everything here works great with each other and is great for anyone who plays bass, or wants to (and wants to do it with some major kick).

I'm asking for around 550 for all of this. I wanted to get 650-700 but I need to sell it for dirtbike parts a.s.a.p. Just leave me a message if you want to buy it or negotiate a price.

I don't know what the speakers are. I will get a picture of the cab and head this saturday. I'm having a band practice at 8 in the morning so by the afternoon I'll have them on here.

This is a picture of my head, it's a default photo but what you see is what you're going to get.

I would consider selling the bass seperately, but you would have to offer a price.
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Have the Behringer bass amp head/cabinet been sold?

If not, I may be interested in purchasing them possible together.
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Yes and no.
I have the cab, which I bought back.
The head is still floating around musicians hands here, though I could easily sell it for them, to you.

You posted about a year later, so I obviously did not respond all that soon as I didn't expect someone to still want to buy it.
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