Okay, here isthe situation. I am one of the ghetto guitar players around here (RG-120 on a 25 or so year old crate SS amp) and I recently made an adjustment that I felt at the time was needed. I eas getting some buzz on the low E string at about the 7th or 8th fret, whenever I picked/strummed at a high volume.

Now I am a relative newbie at setting up a guitar, so my solution was to raise the bridge a couple turns on that side. Since my bridge was sitting uneven to begin with (like I said, newbie to it all and I set it up all myself) I figured that would help, and it did. No more buzz.

Now for those who don't own an RG-120, the trem on it is, to say the least, touchy. But amazingly enough, after I retuned post change, everything stayed stable. Until...

A common problem occurred, one I have had on many cheap guitars. Namely, the low E string seems slightly out of tone no matter what I do. I can either play it open and it sound in tune, or I can play it as part of a chord (G for example) and it sounds a mite sharp. If I tune it to sound right when played in a chord, it sounds a mite flat open.

I even went so far as to capo the third fret and see what happens. To my surprise, with it capo's it sounds prefect both "open" and in a chord.

Anyone more knowledgeable round here know A) why this is happening, and B) what I can do to rectify the situation? I am willing to do anything up to adjusting the truss rod myself, although I fail to see how that would be an issue here. but for the rest, I want to learn how to get it set perfectly on my own.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Your intonation is probably off. The slot in the nut may be too deep or something like that.

It sounds like you should take it into a guitar shop for a full set up.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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