Hey, I've had a Mexican strat for about two years now and lately I switched from ernie ball .09 gauge strings to d'addario .10 gauge and now my bridge is alot higher and different than it use to be. Did this change seriously affect the bridge? I've never heard of having to adjust a bridge because of string gauge... can someone please help me out.
i have a mexican fender strat and i played fender .9-.42 and my bridge was fine then one day i switched to a set of .10-.42 or something like that and it raised my bridge alot also, what i did was just switched back to my old strings, but im sure you can have youre bridge modified for real cheap if not free. just go to the place where you got ur strat.
u can tighten the screws in the back cavity, or add a spring. happens all the time.

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Open the cavity that you restring from.

Tighten the three springs (two sockets to tighten) with a phillips head screwdriver. It will look the same, but retune and it will lower accordingly. You might need a few tries to get it perfect.