hi i've been playing bass fo 3 years and am quite proficient at the instrument and love playing but watching victor wooten play there are two techniques i'd like to learn now i have a lesson tommorow but i'd like to already know the basics before i go in there so the question is how do you two hand tap or double thump
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Do this:
Smash the tip of your index finger on you fretting hand on the 5th fret of the A string.That is your basic hammeron.
Now, do the same thing but this time with the tip of your index finger on your pluckign hand on the 7th fret of the A string.
Now the 5th fret of the D string with your middle finge with you fretting hand.
Then the 7th fret of your pluckign hand with your middle finger.

Just repeat that as fast as you can!
ok. what about double thumping
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Tapping...read my lesson. It's one of the stickies on the main Bass forum page. That should help you out.

Double thumping is entirely different. You utilize the edge of your thumb to go up and down against a string, effectively playing it twice with one up and down cycle. You add fingers to other strings or even the same string for speed and more notes.
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ok. and i checked you lesson it was good.

but how to you do it like a slap (double thumping) like i can't get the downwards slap i slap comming straight down then my hand pops back up so i can slap quickly how do you do it the other way around
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