Hello, i just got into playing guitar a couple days ago. i've had my guitar for about a year just sitting around collecting dust but now i found a really strong interest in it...The first couple days were cool and everything sounded good, but now when i play whenever i switch to a different fret a really noticeable and annoying buzzing sound rings out.

any suggestions? or do i just need to replace my strings or something.
well, usually when a buzzing noise happens, it means the neck is bent, so the strings are touching the actual frets. most people adjust them themselves but since you're a beginner i suggest taking it into a music store or something. just give me more detail about the noise, like any specific frets and i could give you further info.
It's a silverstone package deal or something around that category. i got the guitar and amp + a bunch of accessories from some music shop. around 150 bucks for everything.

Edit: its all the frets from 1 to the end if i switch from one fret to the next while playing anything.
dude that would be why. anyways just take it into like a guitar shop and describe whats wrong with it. they can probably fix it.
your neck is probably somewhat warped or the strings might be shitty
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