Me and a buddy started a band a few monthes ago, so far we've just jammed together and practiced some songs, but now that we are getting requests to play at gigs we are working on a set. Our line-up is me on guitar/vocal, alex on guitar/vocals, and ryleigh on drums. We used to have a bass player but he wasn't really motivated enough to play (kept trying to play guitar, even though he was better at bass) so we let him go.

alex has a buddy who plays guitar, and is the biggest clone of john petrucci ever (he bought a 7string when JP used one, and then sold it when he switched back on a different album). He is a decent guitar player but doesnt have much interest in playing orignal stuff. alex started jamming with him about 1 month after we formed the band because he has a car and picks up alex all the time to come jam.

alex now wants this guy to be in the band. i told the guyt he could if he played bass, but he refused. alex doesnt want to play bass either. they both want me to play bass because i played it for HS jazz band before i quit (even though alexs friend is playing it right now and alex actually started on base, so to me this reason is pointless as it applys to all of us.) I dont even own a bass, alex has an entry level ibanez bass and his friend has a vintage Fender bass (dont know the model).

in our current band im lead guitar because im the only one that can play lead worht a shit and alex is rhythem (hes a damn fine rythem player). alexs friend can only play simple power chord songs like green day.

alex now tells me that him and his friend are forming a side band. i think the fact that they can practice almost every day and that his firend is letting alex play lead instead is why he wants to be in it. this is causing our band to slowly fall apart because alex is spending all his time practing with his friend. how can i either get rid of this guy, convince him to play bass, or get alex to leave him. I would normally talk to alex and tell him to choose a band but musicians that arent in a band are hard to come by where i live. any help?
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try continuing jamming with this alex kid and see if you really have a connection, like play a gig or something with a temporary bass player and see if you actually see potential in this band. i dont know what else to say, this kinda sounds like something personal.
i dont know what you mean by the 209 area, but i live about 3 hours away from chicago (near moline). I actually like alexs friend, hes pretty cool. Its not like he thinks hes awesome or anything, he doesnt want to switch because hes in love with guitar, as is alex. I would even consider letting him be in the band as a third guitarist, and have him play roots or something like a bass part, but he wouldnt be content with that. The drummer agrees with me on this, so its not liek im alone on this.
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You could all switch on bass during the shows... Have all of you play lead, rhythm, and just let whoever's best at some of the more challenging stuff play the leads. Not a bad idea IMO, and they'll probably consent to that. Offer up the idea to them, if they don't like it, then I say kick em' both off to the curb. Or tell Alexs' friend that he's welcome to sit in on songs so that he doesn't feel left out. Having three guitar players can be a bit too many if it isn't done right... Personally, I'd just have all of you play bass on different songs. That isn't a bad thing to do... It might actually turn out good. Talk that over with your drummer, and see what he thinks. If he likes it, or at least wants to try it, then do it.
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nevermind the 209 thing, but i would say find a temporary bassist (like someone above me said) and see if the band has potential.
ok so we've basically go this worked out now. He'll definatly be in the band for sure. We've determined that, I will NOT be playing bass, since I'm the only one that can play leads. We still want the new guy to play bass though as he was the last one to join, but he said he wasn't really sure yet. Alex talked to him and he said probably not but he would play bass parts on regular guitar. I don't see any since in that, why not just play bass (zOmg guttarz are teh cool! :'( ) And now just yesterday he ordered a 6 string bass just to play around with, but still says he won't play bass. Any tips? Im slightly against the switching idea, because i've heard of bands that have done that and no one got really good at one particular instrument. Any awesome bass songs that I can show him to maybe convince him? I already said that we would give him bass solo's but he unsure.
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Get him to look into some Tool and Primus.
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Those sorts of times are when you need to let your Arse-Kicking self free, and boot your band around a bit. In the face. Show 'em who's boss.
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say to alex's friend, your a bassist in the band or your not in the band and tell alex how good a rythem player he is/not lead.
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