Anyone know any good blues rock that I can find tabs of on here? I'm really getting into the Black Keys and I've always liked stuff like ZZ Top, Foghat, CCR, etc.
maybe you could search for some zz top tabs? this is a tabs site after all, i'm sure there are plenty.
buckcherry... they are a very under-rated band that have a lot of blues influence in their sound and i recommend them to everybody
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As far as newer music: Kenny Wayne Shepard, Silvertide, maybe Collective Soul, Black Stone Cherry...there are also a buttload of classic rock bands out there from back in the day like the ones you listed...I'd start with Cream/Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix. Eric Johnson if you want to get into some really technical playing. I loves me some good ol' blues.
early zz top, allman brothers, cream, blind faith, grand funk railroad, paul butterfield, eric clapton, robin trower, EARLY fleetwood mac...before the girls joined, john mayall, george thorogood. alvin lee, just to name a few..... good luck!
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