I'm Looking For some New Music To Listen to, So Recommend some bands that you like Any Genre you want (except Country Please)

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you should narrow down this topic just a little bit
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well you have to give some idea as to what you want to get into
but I am currently listening to Black Flag and they are just awesome
listen to Black Flag
warren haynes , pat travers, mahogany rush, robert randolph,tommy bolin
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Explosions in the Sky
Moving Units
Ben Harper
The Verve

theres a couple random bands that are pretty sick
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<---- John mayer, also i like lots of anime music... I feel the Japanese players capture an essence one can't find in popular American music.
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john frusciante's solo stuff, kind of out there, some of it pretty experimental...I'd reccoment the inside of emptiness or will to death albums for someone who hasn't heard it before...he sings and plays with incredible emotion....
also, on an entirely diffferent note, Buckethead's "Population Override" album...more funk and blues based than his usual shred
Dark Tranquillity
Amon Amarth
Cradle of Filth
Dimmu Borgir
(that should get ya started)

Raise the horns \m/
I downloaded a bunch of this stuff, its sounding pretty good.

Anything Else?
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Prepare to have every orifice in your body occupied by a dwarf.
Stoner rock, anyone?

Monster Magnet
Fu Manchu
Queens of the Stone Age
The Atomic Bitchwax
Karma to Burn
Brant Bjork
Acid King
The Desert Sessions
Eagles of Death Metal
Masters of Reality
Mondo Generator
Orange Goblin
Screaming Trees
Yawning Man
Fatso Jetson
Electric Wizard
Sixty Watt Shaman
Five Horse Johnson
High on Fire
Slo Burn
The Melvins

Whew! That should keep you busy for a while.
^you forgot sonic youth...
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