i have a washburn 7 string wg587 guitar and im wondering, will my guitar fit in this case? or if you can tell me how to tell if my guitar will fit certain cases.


now im also curious about this type of case. i like it because the hard cases scratch up or bump into other things and thats not cool with me. but they really do protect the best.

so have any of you used these softhard cases? theyre supposed to be close to or as strong and protective as hardcase but kinda lighter and they wont scratch stuff when you bump into em. whats your opinion on them?

thanks. all info and details on these 2 questions will be appreciated
i recomend this case an maybe not sure go on there and go to live chat and ask a person that works there

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Quote by xxgenocide98xx
Hard cases might scratch up but I'd assume this one would tear or scratch, too. Its inevitable... That's what cases are for!
no i meant scratch other things they bump into. this one wont scratch anything it bumps into but hard cases do
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