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Fat and still fat
17 18%
Fat and now skinny
37 40%
Always skinny
39 42%
Voters: 93.
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How many of you were fat when you were young but then got skinny?

i was a fat child...now skinny
I was around 11 lbs when i was born, then got fatter, and fatter, then just suddenly got skinnier, and now im 6'1 and 160-ish pounds.
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i was pretty overweight when i was young but then i got skinny, then i gained some back but im still not anywhere near as fat as i was.
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i used to be really skinny and now im slowly gettin chunky
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I was around 11 lbs when i was born, then got fatter, and fatter, then just suddenly got skinnier, and now im 6'1 and 160-ish pounds.

Same here dude.

well I started out big.

Then from like... 5-12 I was really scrawny (aka underweight. I had a metabolism problem I had to take meds for forever >.<

Then I started eating, and I was healthier... and I ballooned up again.

Now... I'm 18, 6'2 and 155
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i was chubby. CHUBBY DAMNIT. now i'm like 6 foot and 140-150 pounds. I've thinned out.
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Was and am fat. My mom says that she doesn't think people can be happy being overweight but in a way I feel very content, like I don't worry about it all that much at all.
Aww don't worry
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theres no skinny then fat option

i forgot that one sorry
I was sooo skinny as a child, then i got fat, and now im just big. Some would say fat, some would say built.
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i had normal baby fat, but other than that ive been skinny all my life...
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I'm 15 and fat. Yea I had a pretty bad hip injury playing football so i can't really play to many sports so ive put on quite a few pounds.
was heavy growing up most of my life, hell i was 215 at one point, now im 190 but built. I never went on any diets, just went to the gym alot, I don't go often anymore but I lay off alot of foods and exercise regularly.
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I was sooo skinny as a child, then i got fat, and now im just big. Some would say fat, some would say built.

same here
I used to be normal when I was a baby but after I passed the breast feeding stage I became a scrawny little brat. From age 10 to 15 I stayed the same weight, so I went from kinda skinny to really skinny. Now I'm pretty skinny but not as bad as I used to be. It's not because I'm anorexic.
haha i was a chubby kid. then i shot up and got skinnier. Im not skinny tho. Muscular. yay hockey
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i forgot that one sorry

thats okay but what the hell am i supposed to vote

but anyway id be really fat if it wasnt for baseball basketball and football
I was a skinny child, then when we moved here in third grade I started gaining weight. Around junior year I started losing weight, and now people call me skinny, but I really don't think so. I'm a Senior, 18, 5'9ish, and am about 145lbs. I honestly think I'm fat, that's why I wear my jacket all the time. Oh well, we're getting Bowflex in a couple weeks.
Used to be fat. People tell me I'm skinny now.

Yay life!
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wheres the choice for kids who were alwayus skinny, until their moms bought them a Nintendo 64 in 5th grade, then got fat and still haven't been able to get back in shape? hmmm?

I always used to be very skinny. I'm getting fatter, though. I'm nearing 129 lbs :-/
I've always been really skinny......14 years old, 5' 4/5" and....107lbs!
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I was very skinny, now a bit fat
I mean, not REALLY fat. People don't watch me and think "that's a huge bitch!" (quote from the movie Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo). But I'm not skinny.

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Is there no other alternatives? Isn't skinny the extreme opposite to fat?... I'd say I'm neither skinny nor fat. I'm normal. I was more skinny when I was younger though.
I've always been the average weight, though lately in my teen years (sixteen at the moment) I've put a little on. Not like people think 'She's getting a bit fat' more, weight that's definig body shape. Like all girls.
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I was quite the chubby child and was a big teenager for a while but ive started to lose weight. (Never fat as in stomach sticking way out and massive man boobs and having to lean backwards a bit when i walked).

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I was skinny until I was about 9, then I was fat up until recently, now I am 5'10" 160 Ibs.
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I weighed 5 stone when I was 4 years old, i was really fat up until the age of about 7 when I joined a football club and became just a little bit chubby, then i quit and got slightly fatter again. When I was 11, I became just big built, but now at 13 with a growth spurt every other week, I'm on the skinny side of healthy weight.
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I was a really skinny kid up until about 11 and now I'm just chunky and out of shape.
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im too skinny im 6ft n i look like a twig i dont understand i eat like hell but i dont put on any weight i just keep getting taller
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