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Fretless Jazz
5 26%
Modified Precision
14 74%
Voters: 19.
Wow bass is so fun to play. What bass should I get for my first:

Squire Modifed Vintage Fretless Jazz Bass


Squire Vintage Modified Prescision Bass

I play RHCP type stuff, alternative rock, and worship music.
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Between the two, get the Precision. It's more appropriate to the style of your playing, plus I wouldn't recommend someone to get a fretless as their first bass.

But as has been said a million times before in this forum, find a music store, play both and make your call--its your money and you have to live with the purchase.
never start with a fretless..it should never be your primary bass..
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Quote by whack-a-bass
never start with a fretless..it should never be your primary bass..

You know that this certain 'fretless' still has the actual frets on it, just it doesnt have the dots on the top of the fretboard. So explain why I shouldnt start with it? Ive played guitar for about 2 years, and know music and all that Im not new to guitars/basses.
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Quote by watchingmefall
Actually it has fretlines. They are just guides so you have a more accurate intonation.

I stand corrected, but still it is not like I cannot see the dots on the side of the basses neck right?
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Because fretless has a really unique tone--listen to Jaco to hear this. It may lend itself to worship music, but for alternative music, my recommendation is going to be the P-Bass.

The precision is going to be a good all-round workhorse for you, applicable to a variety of situations and styles of music. The fretless is not really a primary bass for most bass players, unless you tend towards the more lyrical or jazz in your playing.
I say get a Jazz with frets.

The Precision basses are good too but you get a wider tone with a Jazz
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Quote by watchingmefall
Yup, you can, but still with some lines it may be difficult to get the exact intonation. Furthermore, for the styles you play I don't think the fretless mwah will be appropiate.

K, thanks.
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dont get a fretless, its a bitch to learn on when a first insrument is generally hard enough.
I like jazz basses better, but play them! decide by the way the feel and sound.
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I heard the Squire Fretless Jazz is absolutely horrible, though to be fair...no fret buzz

So out of those two, go Precision. I don't think that it's necessarily a bad thing to start on a lined fretless though, because Violin players, upright bassists, cello players, violas, etc. all don't have frets ever, but fretted will be much easier to learn on.
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I played the Fretless Jazz, and it wasn't that bad. It lacked some of the qualities more expensive instruments had (duh...) but if its your first, you won't know the difference anyway.

Also, I think starting on fretless (i.e. having to press EXACTLY where the fretlines are) will speed up your development and give you good technique much faster than a fretted bass would. If you get the fretless as your first, I would respect you very much.
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