I bought a Mac book pro about three weeks ago to replace my old old PC that I've had for about 7 years. Obviously there are lots of things I'm still ignorant about and one of them is this wireless internet thing.

I know about the types of internet and that DSL and Cable could become wireless if you hook them up to a router and I also know and have used Wi-Fi internet at a few locations and got wireless internet there.

But when I turned on my computer just now it said that it couldn't find my internet which is a DSL line hooked into my computer, and my computer asked if I wanted to connect wirelessly through Actiontec and for some reason it works.

So if anybody could tell me how I went wireless all of a sudden I'd be thankful.
Well, most new macs come with built-in airport cards (wireless internet). Your wired internet must've either not been up at the time, or connected incorrectly, so it automatically switched to the airport. I'm on a wireless connection through an airport right now.
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You might be using someone else closes connection. My friend gets a great XBL connection because his neighbors have perfect wireless.
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So is using someone elses internet like downloading music, it's illegal but no one isn't really going to do anything accept in rare cases.
yeah pretty much. if you know them well and they ask why your computer is showing up on their network you can just say you must have set it to go through the wrong network by accident.
Yeah, I think I'm using my rich neighbors internet across the street. It stopped working all of a sudden though, but my DSL line works now.
I steal internet whenever possible. If they aren't smart enough to setup security on it they're not smart enough to notice you're stealing their internet.
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well, whoever your getting it off they can access your hard-drive if your using a mac.
illd turn it off if i was you.
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well, whoever your getting it off they can access your hard-drive if your using a mac.
illd turn it off if i was you.

Just turn off file sharing in the config panel... i forgot whether or not it's enabled by default, but it's a matter of unchecking a little box. And like teamzaius said, if they're not savvy enough to set up a secure wireless network, they sure as hell won't be able to tell when someone else is using their connection, let alone access that person's files.
Wireless internet? Sounds like black magic to me.