Heaven for the Hell of it.

1st Verse

Swing those hips
To the man you can't resist
say my name
and I will do the same


Yeah, we'll dance like devils
Fighting angel's
Hold each other close
until we almost.....


Darling your my blood soaked angel
with a devil side to you
We will give each others paradise
Create eden anew
Darling we may as well submit
I must admit
We're Heaven for the Hell of it.

2nd Verse

Move your lips
Our bodies will eclipse
We slow dance
As your soul is Romanced

Repeat Pre-Chorus, Chorous

Yes, my blood soaked angel,
We'er Heaven for the Hell of it
What style of music is this supposed to be when finished? Rock, Blues-ish, Country, Hip-Hop, Metal, Pop, etc.? It's a cool tune. Heaven for the Hell of it is a cool line, to me.
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It changes. The verse would be kinda dance-y with some single picking and heavy drumming to really get the beat, in kinda Pop-Punk(I suppose, if I post it one here when its finished you can diside) getting abit heavier for the chorus.