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Ibanez Sz320
6 19%
Ibanez Rg321
13 41%
13 41%
Voters: 32.
Hi, i've been playing one year and it's time for a new guitar.
I mainly play metal and hard rock so im looking for a good heavy sound.

The options for me are.
Ibanez Rg321(cheaper)
Ibanez sz320

which one is better for me?
look at some jackson guitars.

or have a look at a schecter Omen. Im not sure exactly what you want though.
Status: Taken.
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What music do you play?
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I was actually checking out the SZ recently, they're a great guitar for the money and very versatile.
if youve already got an amp and guitar and ur asking for a "good heavy sound" a guitar wont make that huge diffrence your probably hoping for. ive been down that road. if you want a heavier sound...get a new amp. a good tube one
I'd have to say the Rg321, I've been looking at getting one myself. Although, like the above poster said an amp is more important. I'm definitley getting a new amp before I get a new guitar.
I own the first one, and am getting the second. The RG321 i got as my first guitar, and it was nice. For a full view on mine, read my review i did for UG.

The SZ320 i played is amazing. Probably the best sounding guitar i've heard. I played a SZ at guitar center for like 20 minutes, put it down and picked up a Les Paul.

After about 5 minutes I put back the LP and played the SZ again.

i love the s series guitars so i would go with that!
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I'l still think about it. Is it worth paying extra money for the sz320 instead of the rg321?
I play an SZ520 and its amazing...tho the pickups tend to create some excess noise. But its still awesome I'd go with the 320 (assuming its very similar to my 520)

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