g'day fellas.. i've recently picked up my skateboard again after using buying it 5 years ago, and never even learning to ollie and have been trying to learn to skate.

I've got a mate from school whos skated for a year and is helping me learn, he taught me to ollie and i can now do it pretty well (almost a foot high on his good board, only a few inches on my pretty crappy board) and its fun

ive been trying to learn to pop-shoveit now.. and this arvo i landed my first one , but i don't think i'm doing it quite right. im doing it the way where the tail of the board swings out in front of you.. not sure if its frontside or backside? But yeah.. the board always seems to go backwards when i spin it.. and so when i landed it today i had to jump back a bit after i popped it.. does anyone that knows how to skate know why this might be happening?

Thanks guys.. and help/tips are appreciated!
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i think your doing a pop shove it backwards :S, its meant to spin infornt of you kinda like the way your feet are pointing. if you have to jump back i guess its because the board is going too far back ...maybe try not to kick it as hard. watch this vid it shows the basic skateboard tricks http://youtube.com/watch?v=iQ2velPB3JA

EDIT: the front of the board is meant to spin in front of you and the tail behind you
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That's called a frontside shuvit. Or popshuvit, whatever.
You jump back, because the board naturaly goes back.
It's a good trick to learn.
ah ok thanks guys yeah i wasnt sure which one i was doing haha. to skate_guitar:i know it might be supposed to go back a little bit but compared to other people mine goes back a lot further.. do you know how to reduce this? cheers
I named my acoustic guitar Paris, cause' its got a big hole
Just practise getting them to pop before you push it back. It helps alot if you can stay centred over the board, too.
You mean it goes behind you? You're doing a backside shove-it... Your feet are kicking the wrong way. I'm goofy, so I kick my right foot forward and left foot backward. If you're regular just do vica versa...
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But I guess I know how to skateboard. Lol.

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if it's true good for you. I'm sponsored by a local skateshop.
its normal that your board goes a bit at the back if you are just learning a frontide pop shovit. I skate for almost 4 years and sometimes it happens to me. the key for a fronside pop shove it is to push your back foot to the front, so it stays under your legs and keep your legs were the screws are when you are in the air so you can catch it easy.
but learn your ollie better, learn how to pop good <- very important for flips, grinds, spins,...
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Got into skating a few weeks ago again, bought ricta core wheels on ebay, and they came today and never used them.. seeing as I went out of skating so anyone wanna buy them? They are 50mm..pm
i used to skate for a bit. wasnt bad, wasnt good either. i could do a variety of tricks, just not off of stairs or anything. i spend my free time out with friends or playing guitar now though. still got a board but its a piece of shit. i do ask ppl if i can see their boards quickly if i see someone skating though, to see what i can still land. my fav trick is a nollie big spin, im almost better nollie than regular.
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i use to be a crazy skater. 24/7

unfortunately, i put guitar off for a while.

then my ankle broke and my toe too. so when i tried to get back into it, my ankle hurt like hell and i just forgot about it. and my friend showed me the light and got me back into guitar.
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