if its on high volume mabie.
Just turn it off anyway.
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Yeah, just to be on the safe side, turn it off or put it on stand-by (if you have a tube amp)
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planet waves makes cables with a button on the end for this specific purpose. it relaly only matters at high (gig) volumes. you hear that pop when you yank out the cable from your jack? that could and probably will blow a speaker at gig levels. you ever been at a show(usually a lower priced one, since the guitar tech if there is one doesnt really know what he's doing) and hear a pop when the guitarist changes guitars? yeah, it sucks to listen to and it kills your speakers. so to reitterate a previous statement, send your amp to standby (tube), turn it off (SS) or buy one of those cables if you plan on doing a lot of cable yanking. also, ot prevent this from happening on stage while you are twirling around like a ballarena or something, run it through the strap (depending on button placement) so that if you step on it and pull, it provides downforce against the strap/button joint instead of flying out of your jack.