yea, 16HoursRemain is my band, i play guitar in it of course (heh )
we just made a demo and all but im in las vegas\henderson so i couldnt GIVE
you a copy of it, but you could go to our MySpace by clicking here and tell me what you think, bad, good... COMPLETE S**T.... TOTALLY AWESOME!!! whatever u think dudes and dudettes.... oh yea, and all of us are only 14, so give us a break, lol

P.S. random question\comment) Im playing on my friends lame ass squier strat but im getting a new guitar end of this week or next week, and im just wondering, which of the two guitars are better?

Dean Dimeblade CLICK HERE



oh yea, if u like us, feel free to add us heh
sweet, im just so freaking mixed up, and ive seen on reviews of it that people like the pickups more and the design
im just a newb to guitar n' all so i dont really know anything about that....
but yeh, thanks.

and OOO Xbox Live eh? my gamertag is: Mr DURPEEDURP. lol, add me, i usually play RS:V and GoW
Hi, why do you have lines through all of the text on your myspace site ?
the timing of the guitar at start of depressed is all over the place, apart from that the tunes a pretty good, if you like screamo metal, some parts are quite tight.
thanks man, at least someone takes 2 seconds to check us out

and that was a very sketchy mix because it was our first time recording in a pro studio and we only had a few hours to do so....