I love the voacals in thsi song, I think it has a great melody. Your vocals arn't always spot on, but it doesn't matter, you have a nice soft voice for the song. You just need to add a few more instruments, not necessarily full band but maybe some kind of percussive device like a tambourine.... and violins would go great with this piece although I doubt that would be possible for you!

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Hey there's definite promis in the songwriting, its got a nice airy feel if you know what i mean, kinda like dashboard. The recording of the rise and fall is much better than break wave, though you already know that really liking the style though. The rise and fall in particular is good if a little bit short. Cant really crit more than the performance on break wave. the changing bass note stuff on Disguise the Quietness is really cool. Enjoyed it.

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