i know Dragonforce use these strings
(thats how they pull 4pitches, lol)
but im wondering, how much would a full
set of these babies cost? And can they be
used on ANY guitar?
I want them on the new Dean im going to get, but
am asking you guys here on UG since A LOT OF YOU GUYS
know a helluva lot more about guitars then most people I
so yea, just wondering

what do u mean by "pull 4pitches" ?

but regular D'Addarios XLs can be found anywhere for ~5-6 bucks in a variety of gauges. get a setup done on it since it's a new guitar and ask the tech for those strings in whatever gauge u choose lol.
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Daddario are some of the more affordable strings around.

In the states, a set should cost under $7 from any store, usually $5-6 from guitar center, or if you buy them in boxes of 10/12 more around $3.50 a pack.

they'll fit on any guitar, too. Strings (for the most part) are universal.
Try a different brand, i went through 3 d'addario sets in a week, and they were an 11-52 set!!!!, they snap (i snapped A strings) so easily when playin speed and bending, but try a few different brands and sets to find what YOU like, not what som1 else uses.