Basically im a musicain on a budget...

i play in a metalcore/metal/hardcore band in the aus and im lookin to grab a new axe....

any suggestions???

price range up to about $2000

Man, I love people who want to dish out thousands of dollars on gear.

Which currency?
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mad axe is the esp ltd ex-400...or the schecter hellraiser fr....really cant go rong with the schecter..its pretty great...what sort of amp you got?
so youll probably be looking at an ibanez RG and some Randall amp or something like. Whats your current guitar and how long have you been playing?
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i been playin for about 3-4 years but seroiusly only for about one...

my guitar is a peice of shit yamaha starter pack thing but i have a 100w ashton valve which i got recently.
ouch... yamaha starter pack...

If you can get the sound you want from your ashton 100w, then keep that and buy a nicer guitar. If you can't get the sound you want out of your amp have a look at some pedals, 100w should be fine if your band is small or you arent gonna be killed by a huge amp.
Status: Taken.
the amp is perfect and i have a toneworks pedal lined up..
i just need a guitar badly, im liking what ESP LTD's have to offer but i just wider range ti pick from really lol