hi, some time ago i posted a recording called nuclear winter, now it's done.. all it needs is a solo from 02:08-02:48.
if anyone is up for the challange and wanna add a solo to the song, i would be greatful.
i myself can't seam to pull it off.

i like the clean riff. sounds very toolish. the drums during this bit are off time with the guitar though, which is annoying

the metal bit sounds really good and the drums are much better. your soloing doesn't really sound good with the rythem? maybe try a different scale, cause its obvious you have pretty good technique

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The drums are a bit too loud compared to the guitar. And you can't really hear the solo that well. It has the potential to be a pretty great song, once you make a few changes to it.
\m/ yeah dude this is what im talking about

Kick ass , the distortion RULES , what amp ,effect or VST did you use ?

I didnt realy like the dissonant (sp) melody but overal a great song.

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