Ok, now i HARDLY ever use my wah, and now when i did, it surely didn't sound like it was supposed to sound.

Thing is, whenever i rock it near the on/off button, it crackles lick shiz....what could/should i do?

and damn you dunlop, for making this crap wah!

i was looking into selling this thing , but nooo...it bloody broke!

btw, im considering that it could be the pot...but i havent used it (been in use say...10 times?)
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Sounds to me like dust in the pot which is messing up the connection. A friend of mine had the same problem. All he did was clean out the pot and everything was working fine again.
^ thanks for your reply. um clean...how? with a cloth? by blowing on it?
same exact thing happened to me. what i did was i took the bottom plate off, moved the gear arm away from the gear that connects to the pot, and rotated the gear up slightly. if your going to try this, remember to only move the gear only a little bit or your sweep will probably sound really messed up (too bassy, too trebly)