I am modding one of my old guitars to suit my needs, but this also means I need a new pickguard, and no one sells a pickguard like a want and for that matter what I need. So basically what is the best method/tool to cut a pickguard?
I've done it with a jigsaw (not a good idea), then a coping saw and files. It took a lot of time, but I was able to get a satisfactory result by being extremely careful and patient. Filing it smooth took the most time.
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yeah, could do it with a saw and then finish it with wet&dry.
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Dremel with cut off wheel FTW. You have to run the tool at a slow RPM and move fast to prevent melting... finish with a file and sand paper.
hey, sorry to butt in on your thread, but this is related. What if you wanted to cut and expand holes in the pickguard? How would you do that? Like i have a single coil slot i wanna enlarge into a hum slot, what is the best way to cut it larger.