is there a difference? im using a guitar cable and i get more volume when i use the guitar than a bass
Not really. Guitar and bass cables? I don't think there's such thing as a specific guitar and bass cable. The basic cable a guitar and bass use is a 1/4 inch instrument cable. You get more out of a guitar because the guitar seems louder than the bass, or your ear perceives it as so.

The only differences I know of between instrument cables is the type of metals used and the overall durability and quality of the cable. Instrument cables and XLR cables, however, are a different story.
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A guitar cable and a Bass cable is the exact same thing! Trust me! Now a Speaker Cable and an Instrument Cable are two different things. Btu ti is easy to spot the difference. (Speaker is alot thicker, and more rugged feeling)

Guitars are louder because the frequencies are louder acousticly. Play both instruments unplugged and you tell me what is louder.
All I can say is that Fender can find more ways to make money than anyone...I agree there's no difference--an instrument cable is an instrument cable.
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looks like a gimmick.

im sure if i played a bass with changing the cables, im sure you couldn't tell the difference.
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