Well..we have a bass and guitarist/vocals and were pretty good. We need a drummer badly we live in toronto, ontario and were something like punk ska but were open to anything cept metal cant handle that shit. Our bassist is solid and guitar is very ska. if you wanna see for your self check out this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6pdYPVRQu4 if you wanna drum we'll work with you. Were both 16. If you wanna drum for us add me or email at corymaccarl@hotmail.com If your truly interested well send you demos. We can travel far anywhere in Canada! SO leave us a message or email me or something, we'll talk
nice unfortunately i play bass
I shot JR

Oh Canada Our Home and Native Land
yeah man bass is an awesome instrument man, without bass i think guitar is nothing man just a bunch of treble and noise, that noise is good sometimes but you gotta have that clean sound it matches bass perfectly
Just so you all know were still looking for a drummer zepp_girl sorta "vanished" so if anyone else is intrested let us know. We do have a drumset so you dont have to lug yours around everywhere. Hope to hear from someone soon