Anybody here have any good idea of what the new Queens of the Stone Age album? I know it'll be called "Era Vulgaris" but not sure what any of the songs on it will be - keep hearing a lot of conflicting information. Is there a confirmed release date yet? I know they're touring the album this summer as they're coming over to the UK to play the Wireless Festival this June. Does anyone know if there are any more details?
i read somewhere it was going to be heavier thn the last effort lullabies....hope its good...well of course its gonna be good....they have no bass player at the moment
The UK release is scheduled for 18th June. Bass playing on the album is expected to be a mix of Josh Homme and Alain Johannes.
I heard the bass player from Death From Above 1979 was going to be playing on the new album? if so, very exciting. I have no doubt it will kick much ass.
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it will be alot like song for the dead and deaf I think because of the dark electricy sound! Ifit is I CANT ****ING WAIT! I heard clips and it sound nasty awsome! it just might be their best if im correct. Oh and I made a queens thread already so just post it there
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