I've been in a bad with this chick lead singer for a while now, but our members keep leaving and we keep having to find new ones, halfly i think its because me (guitar) and the other members would do all the work, like write songs, try to get shows etc. and they start to notice that. last time we had the singer 13., me 14. drummer 18. other guitar 16. and bass 16. It was a really wide age range. it used to be fun when all she would do is want a band, but when we get one she either doesn't try, doesn't do any work, or doesn't sing. now i just feel like all she wants is a free ride and it pisses me off, like she wont have to do any work, and all she cares about are guys, boyfriend all that shit and her ****ing friends, but when she talks to me all she says is she loves music and all this shit so its hard to kick her out, also the worst part is.. i like her
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Thats the same thing with us right now, minus the fact that any of us like her, being that the bass player is her brother. But, you need to figure out whether or not shes worth putting up with her shit. If shes amazingly good, then try to talk to her and see what you can work out, if shes not that great then start searching for someone else.

Another thing, you said you like this girl, NEVER EVER date band memebers, because eventually something happens and you will break up and then usually it tears the whole band apart. Its happened to my band before. Just a little bit of advice..
just kick her out of the band, have everyone take a vote while she's not there and then tell her (if the vote says so) she's out by majority and the explain why you kicked her out then get a new singer
I dunno. Get her involved and see if she tries. If not punch her right in the uterus.
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I cant imagine having a 13 year old girl be the lead singer of my rock band. That would just not work. My sister is turning 13. Yeah, definitely would not work.

You basically need to decide which is more important to you, having a solid band that doesnt quit on you every other week. Or having this girl as your lead singer. Since she seems to be the root of the problem.

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Basicly, kick her out and go out with her! Unless shes taken, that would require another song quote.
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Dont date her till she's out of the band. Relationships in bands just seem to tear it apart. She seems a little young to be facing the rough world of rock well ask her how dedicated she is to the band then give her 2 weeks then vote and if gets voted off well then the tribe has spoken.

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like the other guy said and i 4 got to mention
There is a major debate going on right now as to whether or not you should date band members in this forum section. Either way I suggest you keep things seperate as they are now. It's best to sort the professional problem before the personal problem, otherwise you chain yourself to her and not the band.

Pick what you want most and roll with it.
kick the singer and dont get a chick singing! you can sing instead and then get chicks for your "personal needs"!
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make her aware of the fact that you want her to take more of the workload

Sometimes when people like yourself take a leadership role, other people think that you might enjoy that or not mind doing all the work of booking shows and writing music. So you need to tell her that you want to share the work load; it might just be a problem of miscommunication.
seeing as she wont work sand u like her... its true that dating probly tears whole bans apart..but u need her out of the band any ways so date her 4 a while then dump her and shell leave band!i just killed 2 birds with 1 stone!... i love myself
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Tell her that you feel shes not doing her job and that shee needs to pick up the slack. If she really does want to be serious with the band then she'll understand.