Am looking to upgrade my Epiphone LEs Paul Custom - Alpine White stock pickups to a Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz set. In the interest of saving a little bit of money, I was wondering if it's possible to use the gold pickup covers that come with the Epiphone with the Duncans?

I'm finding that gold covers aren't going cheap and if you want to buy the Duncan's with covers it pushes up the price a bit.

I can get a set of Duncans (JB/Jazz) for around £100 for the set and the covers being about £20 each on average, so could like to save myself some dosh.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Yeah, you could use the old ones.
Try taking off the old ones by placiong the desoldering braid on the solder joints and trying to remove the solder there. If that doesn't work, as I find that the whole pickups works as a heatsink - you have to use a dremel with cutting attachment of some sort to cut the solder joint. Then heat up the case a little bit to melt the wax, so you can remove it.
After you're able to get the covers off and place them on the new pickup, you'll need to solder them, and repot the pickups with wax. We have one for shellac in our tutorial thread, but I th9ink wax might be a bit easier - here:

EDIT: BTW, I recommend using 250K pots for the JB's controls. It'll smooth out the highs a bit.
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That is probably the best way to do it, I took off my pick-up covers today, and I did it kinda riskier, if you dont have de-soldering braid, I just held the soldering iron and then pushed off while it was hot