hey guys
I'm a beginner and I was just thinking about the Roland Cube 30X amp, because it has a recording-out plug. Now I would like to know what kind of cable I need to connect that plug with my computer, so I can record stuff. With that amp an additional microfone would be unnecessary. And also what do you guys think about that recording solution? Is the quality any better than via an usual microfone?
so long Omega...
hey guys, sry for doublepost but is there nobody who knows which cable I need and whether its better to use direct link of amp and pc rather than a microphone to record?
I'm complete noob and just want to make sure i dont buy wrong stuff
a direct link from amp to computer would be best...

the cable you would need would be just a regular cable...like, one from the guitar to amp, run another from amp to computer...and if your computer doesn't have an 1/4" jack, they have adapters taht will convert the 1/4" to an 1/8"...