Ok here's the deal..
I had my mind set on a hollow-body Jazz-type guitar for a long time.
Now that I finally have enough money for it (its about 400 dollars) I'm having second thoughts..
My style is mainly fingerstyle acoustic but the guitar that I'm using at the moment for gigs with my rock band is pretty beaten up... My bandmates say that I need a new guitar for band use aswell...

Lots of text I know..
So here's the question:
Is there a guitar in the same price range that can get mellow jazzy-tones but can also be used for rock-type music (I mean, one that sounds nice with distortion..I guess a Jazzbox doesnt..) It's also needed for live performances so it needs to stay in tune quite well.

I was thinking somewhere in the lines of an Ibanez Artcore:
something like that..

Please give me some tips or suggest a good guitar

Thanks alot in advance!
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I've got an Ibanez Artcore, this one to be precise

It's a very good guitar for jazz, blues and soft rock. I can hit good AC/DC type classic rock tones with it but nothing heavier.
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Hate to up my own guitar, but the Cort G254 might be what you're looking for.

Mine's a different colour, haha, but you can get very good tones for a lot of styles on this thing. I've played jazz lots of times with this thing. I play blues every day on this thing (it's even got a pickup switch in the tone knob that changes the humbucker to singe coil for a cool feel.. for blues or rock). The body's basswood, which helps if you prefer metal or that kind of sound, though generally I don't play THAT much really heavy stuff (not that you couldn't on this thing). And of course, rock sounds great. I play rock, blues, and jazz daily, I've had my guitar for 4-5 years, and it cost me $450 with a case, cords, etc.. I still have issues finding guitars I truly like more then mine for under $1000.
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Have to agree with Revalk, an HSS config is a pretty good choice here. I used to play guitar for the jazz band back in high school and my Am. fat strat did pretty well at it. I had to cover everything from scat to Van Halen, and I found the HSS worked well. No, it won't be really absolutely authentic tone, but if you need a guitar that can cover all bases, a decent HSS will do nicely. You may want to put some heavier gauge strings on (I went up to really beefy 13s) to help with the fatness, but if the guitar has good electronics, you can usually dial in an appropriate tone for just about any style. Fat mellow blues, cruching rock, and even funky riffs, an HSS has an edge in versatility. At the price range you're looking at be careful that the guitar uses good wood for the body, crap wood will kill tone faster than anything. And that's a common way manufactures cut costs, is using practical firewood to make bodies.

And by the way, if you're going to take jazz guitar seriously enough to buy a semi-hollow body expressly for that purpose, you're going to have to spend WAY more than $400, otherwise I don't think it matters. There are some semi-hollows in the upper price ranges $1K-$2K that will cover both rock and jazz adequately like ricks and a few lower-end Gretsches, but for a true jazz guitar, you're looking at $2K-$4K or more. Othewise I'd stick to solidbodies, you get a lot more for your money.

Edit: I might make a suggesion... the Parker PM-20. It's an HH but it has full coil tapping so it still has a lot of versatitliy. It also is has a full solid body with pretty good wood. Plus it's got incredible parker craftsmaship. No, not quite a Fly Mojo, but for the price, it's hard to get a better guitar. Actually probably impossible. They've gotten awesome reviews and I was blown away when I played one. That $500 guitar was pretty awesome, made me think for a sec about my axe I dropped over a grand on. I played it in the store next to a nitefly mojo flame, and it wan't too far off. It lacks the epoxy fingerboard and piezos, but for $1500 less than the nitefly, it still has awesome tone and action. It would cover you nicely for both jazz and rock, and kick butt doing both.
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Epiphone Sheraton II might suit you fine. But agree with stained and say make a list of possible guitars and go to a shop and try them out.
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