So I haven't been playing for a while. Moved houses and everything. Left my RG350 and my amp at my dads office and picked it up yesterday and the condition is horrible. The humidity in HK wrecked it all pretty much, and its in unplayable condition. Pretty much the only thing I have left is my DS-1 pedal haha.

So, I was just wondering, for $500 bucks, to get everything, a guitar, and an amp etc. What should I get? Thx
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If you want versitality I would suggest a Roland Cube 20x. That leaves you about 350 for a guitar.
Yeah I heard about them. What would be a good guitar then? I'm into pretty much all styles of music, mainly metal, rock.
"Practice makes perfect, but nobody's perfect. So why practice?"

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dude get the crate ftx30 i played it its only like 100$ now its super awesome fx are good and it leavs you with tones for a guitar

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Find a local guitar shop and see what they have there used. A while back I got a Epi LP Custom for $340 and a Peavey 65 watt transtube amp for $125. That was only $465 and I have a great setup (in my opinion). I'm not saying get that stuff-not by any means. Just saying check out used guitar shops-they have steals sometimes. Look around.
In my opinion, these Hagstroms are the best guitars you can buy at $300.

Solidly built, great playability, and sound very good for the price.

Would bringing your current guitar in for a setup fix its issues?
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