Hey guys

Recently I felt like writing another song. I made use of my new Ozone Isotope 3 plugin and a new technique in recording and compressing vocals!

What do you think I could improve about vocals/mixing/mastering/equalizing?

The drums are boring and simple, haven't tweaked them yet.

Thanks for listening.

Burn in Hell

Crit for Crit!
song sounds good. Haha the lyrics are little to angry for me, but it fits your voice, and the guitar work is effective for the song. Improvement wise you could work on the vocals some. It seemed that the overdubbing didnt really work in some places, but other than that its a good piece. www.myspace.com/leftofmainstreet thats my band if you wanna check it out. All of the recordings suck, but yeah. Slogans is the best recorded song on there.
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Thanks for listening! The lyrics are not really serious, I just like the whole Rock'n'Roll - devil/hell thing.

You guys remind me a bit of Sublime, sounds fine!
Reminds me of electric sixs gay-bar lol :p

It's very "rock'n'roll", the whole satan, hell, and you have quite a "classic rock" voice.

As for the mix, everything sounded fine, but I think you should give it more of an edge, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the crit
Oh My God. Electric Six are my absolutely favourite band atm, together with Turbonegro and the Distillers. Thanks! I think I know what you mean by edge, something to make it special, it's pretty streamlined atm.
Not necesarilly to make it special, but to make sound more "raw" in terms of production, less smoothed out so, more so it really hits you when it comes on. But it's a really good song.
I like it, the vocals are good and the guitar is good. Not my kind of lyrics though but it sounds good.
awesome tune man, lyrics arent exactly subtle, but they work great for what youre going for. i love how the guitar mimics the vocals in the verses, cool riff there. youve got a good voice, nice aggressive sound while still staying in tune. the lead work is a nice touch, i like the tone. the key change kept the song fresh. my only crit here is the ending, i thought it was really sudden. i would love to hear this as a longer song, but still great work. thanks for the crit on mine, too.
Takes forever to download for me...might be my stupid college server, I'll try again tomorrow to repay the crit!
I like it a lot. It's very good. I do agree with the person who said that the over dubbing didn't work in some places....like when you sing "here" in the first part of the song. It's really good though and I enjoyed it a lot. This song has good recording quality and I think it was mixed very well. Keep it up!

Thanks for the crit.