Not sure if this is the right forum to post this but I have a question. Our band is taking a road trip that starts in Vancouver and is going through Calgary. We're using a pickup truck with a crate in the back made of 2X4's and OSB. Is there any precautions we should take with the cold weather through the mountains? We're bring 2 Marshall JCM stacks, 4 guitars and cables and pedals. No drums. If there's anything we should do to take extra care of our equipment that has come up in anyone's experience, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I wouldn't let the guitars get too cold. you may have tuning problems when the wood/strings contract/expand when exposed to cold then heat again
i thought that most cases were good insulators, and the internal compartment wouldnt fluctuate in temperature, i could be wrong though. i would worry more about the amps though.
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Yeah I was thinking about the amp heads particularly. both guitars are JCM tube heads and the bass has a tube head too. We were thinking about taking the tubes out and putting them in the glove box so they at least don't get broken. I've also heard that it's a good idea to loosen the guitar strings to relieve tension on the neck during the temperature change.
My concern would be the guitars as well, the wood is very vulnerable to the temperature and elements.

Most cases don't provide very good insulation from my experiences, if I leave a case outside and take the guitar inside, the guitar will feel pretty cold.

Besides that, it sounds like where you are going things might be REALLY cold, so yeah try to avoid big temperature changes especially in the instruments. If I had a choice I wouldn't put ANY equipment outside, but the first thing I would throw inside if I had to prioritize the room, would be the axes!

Good luck with your trip!
winter touring sucks! a heated trailer would be the best bet. But you dont got that, so ya, you should do everything listed, loosen strings, remove tubes, but still, every stop you make overnight, unload to your hotel rooms or wherever youre staying. Leaving the gear overnight will mess things up for sure. Also, when you get ready to play, stretch your strings out and tune, do that over and over way before you play. Luckily, youre not bringing drums! good luck!

my band will be touring through to vancouver in june! we did the whole alberta tour thing in december, worst weather ever! have fun,

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