I am a sophomore in university. for my academuc writing class am writing a research heavy metal and the satanic claims, i want to make a survey among different people and ask if they think that heavy metal is satanic or not. plz in addition to answerin the poll question write why(or why not) you think heavy metal is satanic.
No, its just holier than thou christians thinking they control the world and someone actually gives a crap about their opinion

Ummm no? Because at this very moment I have about 3 gigs of Christian heavy metal....The claim that all of it is satanic is something made up by hardcore christians who didn't like it and couldn't find a good reason.

........I do have a few songs that are done by actually satanic bands though.....
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No but the heaviest music i really listen to is Crossfade

Its not satanic its just their style that scares people.
am not a christian, and i truly do not believe that heavy metal is satanic i am just tryin to prove to people in my region that it is not
I think metal just has some kind of evil feel to it, consider Ozzy and some of the first heavy metal bands, they just had that black vile kind of appearance/sound etc.

Even with christian lyrics the artform itself just seems based in that dark kind of origin.

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No. Some of it is, the vast majority isn't.

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