what is your guys' opinon on this topic. my band is heading out for our first tour this summer and i know the essentials i need (power conditioner, rack case etc) but im stuck between tuners. im looking in to the BOSS chromatic pedal tuner and the korg 2000 rack tuner. the rack tuner seems really nice, but its a bit pricey. i dont like to run too many pedals. i only run 1 right now (boss ns-2). let me know what you guys think.
Go for the pedal, maybe, so you can mute it to tune on stage. I am not experienced with rack tuners at all so I might be way off.
I've been thinking about getting one of these because they look realy cool onstage but i can't find a single rack case. I'd assume the rackmounted is exactly the same just on a larger scale for ease of use.

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i think the pedal is pretty damn useful.

it's right there on the floor in front of you. can mute to tune.

I would go for the pedal too. Just get one with true bybass.
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From what ive heard, the buffers in the Tu-2 are terrible. So your tone may be affected.


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i was useing a fender pedal tuner,got it because it was cheaper then the boss,and a large display which is very nice,never had any issues,now i use the tuner in my spider 3
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Get a boss TU-2, its the best pedal tuner IMO. I would go for the Korg rackmount, but unless you have roadies who tune up for you before gigs, i guess its handier to have the pedal. And re-wire it to hard bybass, if your worried abotu your tone being sucked.
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you can try to fit the korg onto your pedalboard, I've seen it on joe walsh's pedalboard.
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