Hey i was wondering how metallica got their early sound like master of puppets, kill em all and ride the lightning i noe they used marshall but which model??
Well first of all you need EMG's, modded jcm with higher treb and a moded metal zone. Good luck in getting that.
not to mention they all used ESP's didn't they?

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not in the early days, Gibsons and Jacksons were used ( Mustaine used a BcRich)
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Hammet used a Strat on alot of ride the lighting, but he also started to use ESP.(his own vee, and I think the begining of the KH series) Anyway, I think just a plain JCM800 should do. You really dont need all the mods to match their sound anyway. I use a Metal Zone pedal whenever I want to get their sounds.
oh ,I always thought they started using ESP's on AJFA album
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Yeah, that might have been when they started to use their Signature models, but I'm not sure. All I remember is when I saw Hammet using is vee at a concert in like 87', I think.
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