I cannot seem to be able to do pinch harmonics on d'addario 10s. but then when i whip out the elixer 12s, i pull them off like a 35-year jailed man pulling off jena jameson's bra.

So my question is: Whats causing the difference, the brand or the size? right now im thinking size but im kinda just wondering. for future reference to buying new strings.
i'd guess size too, i went down a gauge and find my pinches sound a bit weaker than before and harder to do. Only changed cus the new ones were free, will be going back once they're dead.
Could be the Elixers though. I mean, they do have a plastic coating on them. I didnt know they even made Elixer 12's.
Just practice on the new strings, i have 09's and can pull them off fine...most of the time
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I have D'addario 10's and I can do them fine. Just practise a bit with them and try doing it softer or hard or whatever works.
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the higher the gauge of the string, the easier it'll be to do harmonics. but who the hell does pinches on the high E? dog trainers?
string size makes a difference...ive never had any difference in harmonics when i change stirngs
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To me it doesn't matter what string size it is, I can pull off Artificial Harmonix, What I do is use the side of your thumb to create the harmonic, Also I hold my pick at an angle no matter what I'm playing or how fast, so that's why I get the side of my thumb.
The trick is getting enough thumb area for the size of the string and where on the string you pick to get the harmonic.
When you changed strings, did you check your intonation? If the intonation is incorrect, your hot spots might have shifted.

Size could be it as well, you might be used to the greater tactile feedback provided by the 12s.

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ive never heard of this problem. . . i go from my 9-42's doing pinches like no ones business, to my 7 string, which are 10-60's (e is 54 or 56) and i have no problems.

if it were a string gauge, wouldnt you have harder times doing it on certain strings since they are all a different gauge?
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