Future could may be getting smarter and many may veer away from rap

Its something I am noticing with the new up and coming kids now. Sure many like garbage right now who are in HS, but the classes that follow them seem to not like rap as much like say the kids 6 yrs younger than them. Like I see many 10 yr old kids now, it just doesn't seem their into it like today or the classes before. Colored kids sure are, but within the white community, it seems to be dying overall. I think we're gonna see a new birth of something. Hell, even Mark Wahlberg stated "Rap is a young kids game" in response to how he has grown up. I see the signs pointing to rap becoming a minority in the music world and rightfully so. I even look back at old rap from the early 90s and say, wow this even sucks haha. So even the old stuff sounds bad once you've outgrown it altogether. If anyone shares this view, lets talk.
I agree.
Now-a-days, kids - as usual - tend to follow what is cool a.k.a. the "norm." And as you say, more and more people are not following the rap footsepts because it does not look as cool with everybody. These days it seems everybody is going for the "emo" look. Half of the "emos" i know, dont even know what the genre of emo is. And i didn't even mention the fact about what these kids call themselves.
For example: You go up to an "emo" kid and ask him/her to describe him/herself, they use the word emo to describe them.
Back when i grew up, people like that would be called posers. And most would get beat up at lunch-time cafeteria sittings and whatnot. Now-a-days, people don't even seem to know what the word "poser" means.
So to sum things up, kids - many teenagers included - seem to follow what is "cool." And these days rap is not cool, because not many people follow rap. More people are following the "emo" look so kids think it is cool, so the join along, even if they don't know why they got there in the first place.
So, since someone likes a genre of music. They aren't smart? You need to gtfo.
What the hell? What does liking rap have to do with intelligence? By the way you worded your post there I could critique your intelligence rather negatively so does that mean you have a tendancy to like rap?

Also Marky Mark was fake. He did it for money not because he liked what he did. He did it as a trend to make money. Trends are bullshit.

I am 32. I still listen to rap. Old and new. It isn't a fad if you like it.
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^^^ thats not what im saying.
It doesn't mean that they aren't smart. It's that they will change the way the look, for a genre of music. Not necessarily because they like that genre, it's because more people will repect them if they look like they are a-part of that genre's audience. Like i said, most "emo" people i know don't even listen to "emo" music. They listen to rap or other genres besides emo. So i'm calling them posers because they listen to one kind of music, and they look like they listen to a completely different genre.
Whoah, I haven't seen such stupidity in a thread for a loooong time.
According to BS statistics, 92% of teens have moved on to rap. If you're among the 8% who doesn't consider rap to be real music, donate your brains, as you clearly aren't using them.
"Future could may be getting smarter"? Oh yeah, definitly.

Anyway, trends in popular music have existed for decades. The 60's had psychadelic, the 70's had disco, the 80's had hair metal, the 90's had grunge, etc. Rap will eventually fade from popularity but it'll never "die".
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"Future could may be getting smarter"? Oh yeah, definitly.

I think that's enough irony for my day.
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