I have mono, and it sucks alot. my throat is swollen and hurts like a bitch. my doctor precribed me prednisone (a steriod to reduce swelling), but it still hurts. you think it is safe to combine this medicine with some vicodin i have?
Different chemical makeups, you should be fine. You might ask your doctor beforehand, or if you can't wait, call someone if anything iffy comes up, namely:

-Severe headaches
-Muscle cramps
-Extreme tiredness
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^^^^^Dude, have u had chemistry? Everything has a different chemical and they do this thing called reacting. If u mix drugs, you will get bad effects usually. First question is why you have vicodin just lying around? Anyways, dont do it. Listen to your doctor, and throw that vicodin away. If you really needed vicodin, you can get a current subscription for it.
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