Hey, just finished off my new song today, and have uploaded it to my myspace, It called 'One Night Stand' and thats pretty much the topic of the song, ne way the singings a bit rubbish in all honesty because im not the best of singers. I do everythingbut the drums on it and i am pleased with the results lol, ne way any crit is welcome be it good or bad.

check it out at ....


cheers in advance
Cool man. The song is really smooth, and flows nicely. Has a really sort of chill groove to it... almost like somethin you'd listen to while your sitting on your couch reading a book or something haha. I also like the tempo change that happens a couple of times in the song, where it not only gets faster, but gets a bit harder as well. I realy like the guitar work in it, the solos are spot on. Singings good too I think, just a tiny bit out of key at some points.. mostly when you double track it. Everyone starts out a bad singer usually.. but as long as you keep with it, it'll eventually sound pretty great. Also, i like how the song fades out at the end
Good stuff man, keep plugging away at it!

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i love the intro, especially the chord progression when the drums kick in. i thought the intro lead might have been a tad too high in the mix, but the playing was nice anyways. the part that starts at 1:25 is just all around awesome. the solo is good, im actually hearing some cool slash influences going on there. the vocals definitely arent top notch, but not bad or anything, they work great for the song. keep it up, nice work
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