Hi i have a Peavey Valveking 212 bought at around christmas time this year,

i have 2 questions [and then an extra further one relating to the second] about it

Q1- when im playing through it on both clean and dirty channels i keep getting a crackling sound in the background of the signal - and its not been there before - and so would i be right in thinking it is something to do with the power tubes [tapping on the protective shield around the tube area seems to also make this problem worse] ?

or is it more to do with the pre-amp tubes?

and Q2 - Changing the speakers./ good or bad idea?

I've heard many things about the stock peavey 'valveking voiced' speakers and aobut their lack of tone and also about how a change of speakers can make the difference between the combo's output of sound and that makes sense seeing as they are the things that ataully produce the sound you hear

and so im either going to replace them with a pair of Celestion Vintage 30's or the new G12 Century's.

The only problem is deciding which.

I play anything from fairly havey metal [Mastodon, metallica, slayer - thrashy styles] all the way to blues due to me still learning to play the instrument and so which could handle better?

I kno the V30's are like the classic's but ive heard wonderful things about the new neodyium magnets in the G12C so can any of you help?

And its a 100watt head and im only going to use these speakers for the combo so for whatever speaker i do chose on should i go with the 'vintage' models [less power impedance etc]?

sorry for this being long post and also a fairly n00bish question in no doubt some of your eyes but any help would be splendid =]

and please dont flame me for the amp itself

im a teenager and therefore how can i be expected to own something along the lines of a jcm800?

I really don't know how to solve the problem... but i'd have to say, a teenager with a Valveking ain't so bad
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Do each of these and check to see if it helps.
1. Change guitars.
2. Change cords. Get a good-quality shielded.
3. Make sure you are using a grounded power plug (not an adapter.)
4. Change rooms.
5. Clean pots, input and output jacks (both amp and guitar) with tuner spray.
6. Contact Peavey Support
If these steps do not have any effect you may want to take it to a tech.
There is not a thing wrong with Peavey, esspecially the Valvekings. They sound great. They are a new design though so it is possible there is a design flaw.
1. guitars doesnt make difference - it even makes this sound when theres no lead coming otuta the jack
2. ive tried it both with my planet waves and my monster cables - no difference
3. used straight into the plug socket from the amp
4. room change makes no difference
5. ill clean the pots and jacks though anyway
6. I'll get in contact with them

Thanks =]

But yeah i still think im going to change the speakers in it
but im clueless in that area apart from the G12C or vintage 30 speakers from celestion
Carvin sells Celestions. You might get a price break. Be aware that most Celestions are no longer made in England. Still they probably are good. Since you seem to know what you are doing forgive me for saying you want to make sure the speakers have enough wattage. A 50 watt tube amp may peak at 80 or so.
yeah so go for the higherpowered ones then?
seems to be the best but yeah ill probably check it out with an amp tech or a pro to make sure the amps not going to end up blowing up or something