Hi all.

I am a relative noob. About 1-2 months on elec. guitar. I am looking to increase my playing speed. I wanna be able to shred, more or less. But I am willing to wait and practice how ever long it takes, no rush.

Just want to find out if there are any finger exercises that will help to train speed and stretching of my fingers. If u have any other good exercises please post it here too. No harm doing more training.

Thanks UG-ers..
search for the steve vai 10 hour workout, and start with the chromatic stuff there, this will take you some time to get used to, move up bit by bit, always use a metronome to make sure your timings are good.

Don't forget you cannot run before you can walk, take your time you will get there
Scales + metornome. Start slow and build up your speed. Don't just play up and down the scales though, go part way up then part way up then back down the up and down move it around...
I'm using pentonic scales for now.....
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