I wrote it in school today,so I havent got any music to it,I dont know if I will i mightjust leave it as a poem,maybe.Crit?
And its unfinished but this is it so far.....


To you,do I seem bulletproof?
Can you push me around easily?
Why is it nothing to do with you?
Can you walk all over me?

Why do you scream,just to get your own way?
Do you not get enough attention?
Why do you hit so hard everyday?
Do I give you any motivation?

I have a proposition
For your Ambitions
You can follow them down the drain
I have antisipation
For your humiliation
Its all going to come back your way

And you,how come you never smile?
Not even once a day?
I could try and save you if you like?
But would you ever look my way?

I've got the medication
For your deletion
Its going to make you all better
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wow i love this!
crit mine if ya can.cheers

Thats why no one bothers to reply. Please read the rules and then the article on how to critique, you'll find you put more effort in, you'll get far more out.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.