Ok well I have been playing guitar off and on for a long time. I usually played drums but have picked the guitar back up every now and again.

Well now I am really into and have been trying to re teach myself some things as I have nobody to jam with.

So anyways I am starting over. Actually learning the names of the notes I am playing lol... So I started with the major scale and with C...

Is this a good starting point to re teach myself? I mean I can play pretty well even some solos, but I have never known the notes I was playing... I hope someone understands where I am coming from.

Any suggestions on things to work on would be great... Work on techniques? Scales? Chords? I'm just not sure. A lot of ppl tell me what scale you learn depends on which type of music you are into, but I don't want tunnel vision lol I listen to everything from Cake to Slayer!
Well it seems like your technique is actually quite good, so you should start learning theory, scales chords etc
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Right, I need to learn theory. So my starting point at learning c major, while boring since I play somewhat well, is agood place to start?

When you have nobody to compare notes with it can be a lil tough.
Hmm, it's always useful to understand what youre playing when you play it, it helps to give you a better grasp of it overall, and kind of helps you play it better. I find this because when Im playing something it's always ticking in my head whats going on and what will happen next. Im just talking about a simple solo melody, it would take a lot of practise to do that with a whole harmony.

I think that rather than tackling this theory stuff like this "Ok Ive started over, lets focus on modes, awkward chords, weird rhythms and playing like Vai", you should try it like this: "Right, Ill focus on simple chords today, major and minor scales tomoz etc, and at the end of the week Ill give myself a little test".

You can easily see why the latter is better, but not enough do. Its so important that you do not take everything in one go, and that you review what you have learnt, you dont have to give yourself a "little test" or something, just remind yourself of what you have been through.

Along the way its important that you remember to make sure youre not playing things at a certain tempo, but also playing things sloppy. As you get used to this you will find it very hard to retain any structure in your playing as you will likely crank up the distortion and mask it. Practise everything clean or without an amp to make sure that you are playing it correctly.

I sound like Im talking to someone who has just picked up the guitar, but you sound as if you are not that experianced, so take everything from a beginners start. You may remember a time when you could play a song, and that you would like to start out with that song to practise. You shouldnt do this as you will realise that you need to do a lot of work and you will be demoralised and probably quit like that.

Take things slow and work on them to perfect it, also try to incorperate some of the theory you learn into songs you make up, it gives you a very good grounding of songwriting right from the start.
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well, scales are a good place to start. But you need to remember why ur playing guitar in the first place. What kind of music do you eventually want to be able to play? You need goals, whether they be long or short term, you need them.