I have a Valveking 212 combo with the stock valveking voiced speakers

So i've decided to change them either to the

Celestion G12 century or the Vintage 30

I play hard styles of music such as metal rock etc but i also play clean stuff alot and as such require a good clean tone.

So which of these 2 speakers will produce the sounds im after?

And also its a 100watt head so would i have to go to the standard Century's instead of the lower wattage "g12 century vintages" ?

many thanks
Haven't tried the G12 Century, but its supposed to be louder and lighter because of the neodymium magnet. Plus it looks cool

Vintage 30s will suit you well though, they put them in some Mesa Boogies and they have nice cleans and good distortion. They are the benchmark rock speaker.