Hey all, I posted here before but didn't get any help, so I'll try again. The kind of amp I want has changed anyway so I suppose it was a good thing in the long run. I'd like to get a tube head with 2 channels so I keep one clean. I want to be able to play classic rock such as Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, and harder rock like Muse, Jimmy Eat world, and possibly some metal with the help of a pedal.Good(nothing amazing but nice) cleans would be welcome. I can spend around £400-£500 for the head. I would like to keep it at around 50Watts tube, 100Watts its just excessive. I can use Ebay if that helps. I'm still very new to the whole buying amps buisness so all opinions are welcome. I use an Ibanez S520EX with stock PUP's if that helps.
Jimmy Eat World is "harder rock"?

Since you are on that side of the pond, check out Laney.
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Orange Rocker 30 head.
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Orange Rocker 30 head.

+1, a laney sounds good for what you play, but you should try some out at the local music shop, unlike me
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Hmm thanks for the replies, I looked at the Laney GHL50 but that only had 1 channel . I will defo look into the orange. Any more suggestions?