Hey guys...

3 years in the making and at last!!! my first recording post! Only just figured how to record to a baking track using the Ableton software i got with my Toneport... therefore this was recorded pretty quickly with a very quick mix-down... I cant make my mind up about the tone i used but there ya go...

so please before critting bear in mind this is my first recording using a guitar that the strings really do need changing on lol, and it was put together in about an hour.

Last part of the solo is sloppy, im not the fastest of players and just couldnt get my fingers around it but I would appreciate if someone could come up with an alternate ending that i could edit into it!!

Gear Used:
Dean MXL
Computer with Line 6 Toneport set to Westward setting and volume boost.


OOOO im on tv!!!