Frehman FA1awr


Yamaha APX 500

If you can recommend anything better then please mention it, i'm looking for an electro-acoustic under £200
Although I think the Yamaha is ugly, I would probably get it over the Freshman. The shape is more suited to my style. In terms of quality and whatever though, I'm not sure which is better. My mum has a Freshman folk-sized acoustic, that I have to say is pretty nice and has a good sound to it. Yamaha are great quality guitars, and my main acosutic is a 1971 Yamaha FG-150 that is still going really strong. I'm not sure if the APX-500 has a solid top though - or does it?
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Yamaha has a pretty good reputation. Try them both out and see what u like better.
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I know firsthand Yamaha acoustics are near unrivalled. Electro acoustic, my guitarist has just bought a Yamaha electro-acoustic (Can't be sure on the model, looks like that one) and it sounds great, feels pretty nice.

Haven't tried the Freshman, though, but the solid top goes in it's favour. I say try both.
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9/10 times I would say Yamaha but in this case I have to say freshman just because it's a solid top.
Thanks for your help so far, the rythm guitrist in my bands got A Yamaha APX 500, i played it and it seems pretty solid, but it sounds slightly metallic , I read a good review of the Freshman, anyone played either?