i have a friend who is an amazing graffiti artist and i want him to do my 335 to make it unique and even more beautiful, but i really dont want to take the neck off and sand it down and id prefer to not take out the electronics if possible, is there a way i can do that?
i doubt it unless he paints the back
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well the back would be painted aswell, i figure id have to take out the electronics but i was just seeing if there was a way to not do that. would spraypainting it without sanding it down cause any damage to the instrument? theres already a pretty long, deep scratch on it which is why i would even consider painting it like this, so it wont make it worth any less.
You'll have to take the electronics out at the very least. You can tape off the neck so no paint will make contact.

If you do paint over the finish, you'll need to lightly scuff the body, spray the paint, then clear coat over it.
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If you have a stratocaster guitar then its amazingly easy to remove the hardware and stuff... seriously you should remove everything if you are going to refinish the guitar

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